A passionate storyteller driven to simplify complex ideas. 

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Sarah brings over 10 years of experience leading marketing teams for emerging startups and renowned corporations alike, while producing a wide range of effective and memorable marketing programs.



B2B + B2C Marketer

Extensive expertise in branding, go-to-market strategies, content marketing, conversion marketing, and event marketing.

Cross-Functional Collaborator

Strategic problem-solver, excellent interpersonal skills, and all around team player.

Self-Motivated Woman of Action

Unique balance of analytic and creative talents with an intense motivation to achieve results.



Find out why people love working with Sarah
  • Sarah is one of the most talented marketing professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She joined our team without hesitation, despite having never worked in our sector before. Within a few short weeks, she was so dedicated to understanding our brand, clients, trade partners, and investors, she was able to quickly create messaging, materials, and campaigns that engaged them all. She fit in seamlessly with our team and worked tirelessly to help our company grow. I highly recommend her and will miss her very much.
    Shannon BloemkerShannon BloemkerFounder & CEO of Glasshouse
  • I have worked with Sarah for 4+ years. Sarah is a self-motivated and a problem solver. When she reported directly to me she mastered the job and always asked for more. I recommended her for a promotion into our Marketing Department and now I still get the benefits of her superior work. Sarah creates all of our decks and presentation materials for SAY. She is very creative, understands how to weave a sales story. She is also able to turn around great design work that is timely and accurate.
    Lisa MonagoLisa MonagoBroker at @properties
  • If I started my own company, I'd hire Sarah...and that's the best recommendation I can make. Smart, efficient, intuitive, business-savvy -- Sarah would be a huge asset to any company.
    Matt DorfmanMatt DorfmanBrand Partner, CPG at Google


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